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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. >> oh, your car! >> a massive clean-up this morning after a wall of water and mud roars through a town in santa cruz county. the damage to dozens of businesses, and more heavy rain is still to come. >> going nowhere, mud and debris bring ace train service to halt. the impact on the morning commute. good morning, it is friday, march 25. thanks for joining us. did i say friday? it is friday! >> three times already. >> i'm sydnie kohara. >> it's a blessed event i think for everybody. hi, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. time is 4:30. what a mess. we got hit with a big storm
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yesterday and round two about to hit us and you saw some of the video down in capitola. what's going on here, mr. lawrence? >> i think folks are ready to be done with that. we have also had mud slides this one in fairfax along sir francis drake boulevard. the mud is coming down the hills there. folks, we're just so saturated now with all the rainfall, of course, rainfall totals all above the average now. and we continue to see more rain this morning. now, it looks like we didn't have a well defined cold front so that's some good news but we're still seeing scattered showers and some of them are coming down very heavy. look at this line stretching in from san francisco into parts of the east bay. that's a heavy line of storms moving on through and driving through that a little bit early on this morning bringing with it heavy amounts of rainfall through walnut creek and concord and that's what you're going to see for today some heavy downpours but then some sunny breaks in between. after that, things will try to settle down toward next week. but we have another storm system
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to deal with. more moisture in the bay area today so unsettled today, heavy downpours, sunny breaks in between. but the low also churning up big-time surf. swells, get this, 15 to 21 feet out along the coastline. watch out for that, stay off the rocks. it is some big-time swells in the meantime. looks like temperatures are going to be in the 50s, maybe some low 60s into san jose today. you will notice we just put showers and even a little sunshine in the back side there but that gives you an idea we are going to keep things unsettled so keep that umbrella handy with you. but i have hope on the horizon. one more storm on saturday, a little soaker, watch out for the possibility of some flooding just because everything is so saturated. maybe some leftover showers heading in towards sunday. come monday, tuesday, wednesday and thursday of next week, i think finally spring going to make a return to the bay area. but we have to wait a few days. that's a look at weather. here's gianna with traffic.
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>> thank you, lawrence. wind advisory for some of our bay area bridges including the bay bridge and benicia bridge. slick surfaces so give yourself some extra time until all this rain gets out of the bay area. extra caution as you work across the span. that wind advisory in effect for the san mateo bridge also, looking at live conditions, traffic okay through that portion. 880 itself not too bad. we had some flooding reported around embarcadero but looks like caltrans is able to clear that out of the road. there is a mud slide southbound 17 blocking two lanes. traffic is able to get by on the right shoulder but if you are making your way there, plan on use an alternate. and 80 is closed between colfax and the nevada state line. and no ace train today. back to you.
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>> already very busy at 4:33. a mess in capitola. floodwaters rushed through the town near santa cruz as the storm overwhelmed the drainage system. julie crane got a picture of the flood when it got too close to home. >> oh, my god, that's my house. my house, oh, it's our street! your car! >> the two-foot-high wall of water rushed into downtown capitola. at least two dozen businesses were flooded as well as a number of homes there. by last night the clean-up was under way and street were open once again. capitola had 6" of rain yesterday alone, 5" fell in just a couple of hours. >> a significant amount of rain. it was more rain than i think the system was able to handle. as a result, it caused a system failure. >> some of that flooding came when a culvert urged a mobile home park gave way.
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one unit in the park was destroyed, 40 others damaged. the park remains evacuated this morning. residents of more than 200 houses near felton in the santa cruz mountains, they are back home now. they were told to evacuate yesterday after the national weather service issued a flash flood warning for the san lorenzo river and other waterways. but last night the level began to drop and the warning was lifted. in scotts valley a tree 100 feet tall and five feet wide fell on the house. the santa cruz sheriff says one person was inside at the time but wasn't injured. neighbors called 911 after they heard a snapping noise and woman screaming. storm problems have shut down passenger train service between the central valley and the silicon valley. ace train service will not run any trains at all today. this freight train was also blocked yesterday by mud and debris on the tracks in the niles canyon area. ace normally runs six trains each weekday between stockton
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and san jose. in the east bay a deluge pushed the alhambra creek near capacity in martinez. drains were blocked off on surrounding streets to try to preevent the creek from overflowing. as rain kept falling, streets from highway 4 to downtown turned into a rushing river there. at midday police issued an alert to sandbag and many are keeping the sandbags in place although the alert has already been lifted. >> more rain coming with the high tide puts the water level up higher because it can't get out. >> the might of the swollen creek has already taken three beavers and their den and now there is concern if a log in the creek will create an even more dangerous dam. rising waters threatening homes around clearlake. the lake could flood today for the first time in more than a decade. forecasters predict the lake will hit flood stage by about 11:00 this morning.
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stores there selling out of sandbags. in the late '80s, more than 700 people were left homeless because of severe flooding there. only one of the main transsierra highways is open this morning. highway 50. 80 is closed over the summit because of zero visibility. and state route 88 is closed due to snow at higher elevations. chains are required on 50 and on 88, where it isn't closed. and if you are about to head to work, you can check in with us. you can watch live doppler radar from your desk. you can always find weather and traffic on our website, it is 4:37. and a potential sign of hope today for war-torn libya. an african union meeting will be held in ethiopia as part of an effort to reach a cease-fire in libya. representatives of moammar qaddafi's government and the rebels trying to oust him are expected to attend that meeting. this comes as the united states takes a step back in its role to enforce a no-fly zone over
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libya. nato has agreed to take command of the operation in the coming days. still, u.s. warplanes will keep flying combat missions against libyan ground forces. secretary of state hillary clinton says the operation has already met some accomplishments. a massacre in benghazi was prevented. qaddafi's air force and air defenses have been rendered largely ineffective. and the coalition is in control of the skies above libya. >> there were more coalition air offenses overnight. french and british warplanes attacked several of qaddafi's related targets. in a setback in the damaged nuclear power complex in japan, operators have stopped work at units one, two and three to check on radiation levels. they think radioactive water that burned two workers may have come from a breach in the reactor core. a number of known deaths from the earthquake and tsunami in japan is now over 10,000. police say more than 17,000
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people are still listed as missing. and people ran from a building as a magnitude 6.8 earthquake shook burma. aftershocks are still being felt and power is out. public utilities commission giving pg&e a chance to avoid millions in fine as a result of the deadly pipeline explosion in san bruno. they are fining pg&e $6 million because they failed to provide documents about gas pressure in its transmission lines but pg&e can pay half the amount if it provides all the information by the end of august. barry bonds' perjury trial will resume on monday. his ex-mistress is expected to
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take the stand then. a chemist for the anti-u.s. doping agency told jurors yesterday that bonds had exhibited head and foot swelling consistent with using human growth hormone and said the drugs that baseball's home run king is accused of take were designed to avoid detection. barry bonds accused of lying to the feds about knowingly taking steroids. he said he thought they were flaxseed oil and arthritis cream when he took them. it is 4:40. governor brown swings the budget axe and struggling students are getting hit. >> i'm just blindsided by it honestly. >> the fee hikes leaving community college students in a pinch. >> plus the surprising places where germs are lurking. ease say ways to avoid getting sick coming up.
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berekely overnight... leaves two
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police cars smashed up... and damages an apartment building. we're following breaking news. a chase in berkeley overnight least two police cars smashed up and damages an apartment building. elizabeth wenger arriving in berkeley this moment. she has the latest. elizabeth, what can you tell us? >> reporter: this sounds like it was a wild ride through the streets of berkeley. this woman crashed into a patrol car and two other buildings including this complex behind me. you can see the damage to the side of the building. we are here at the corner of student and sacramento. some bushes taken down, looks like they have part of the staircase taped off and there's still some shattered glass here on the ground. so again, we don't have a whole lot of information at this point. we are still waiting for more information from the berkeley police department. so what we know right now, we are pretty much gathering from witnesses at the scene and this video also taken there. so again, from what we can gather, before 2:30 this morning, berkeley police department got a call from this
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location at stewart and sacramento. they say the woman was driving erratically. then she at one point plowed into a patrol car. we can see the damage from the video to the front of the officer's car. from there we know she continued driving this time into this apartment complex that we're standing in front of right into a major support beam, so again, police still have part of that apartment complex taped off. then she took off running into a neighbor's backyard ending a block away from here near california and dwight and that's where this ride eventually ended. so we're still waiting for a whole lot of information. obviously, details still pretty sketchy right now. we just got off the phone with the berkeley police department and they hope to give us a little bit more information on what exactly happened. but no officers were seriously hurt. back to you. >> a wild ride but nobody hurt.
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okay, elizabeth wenger live in berkeley, thank you very much. on california's budget crisis, governor brown has signed off on an $8.2 billion of spending cuts saying much more still needs to be done. >> but, of course, we're only halfway to the goal line and we need to find more revenue or we need to make more and more drastic cuts. and certainly the next round of cuts will be much more painful. >> the governor says state leaders still have to find another $12 billion in cuts or revenue to close the state's budget gap. he hopes lawmakers will let voters will decide on tax extensions and increases on the ballot in june. also signed by the governor yesterday, higher fees for community colleges. students will have to pay $36 per unit, $10 more than the current rate. it may not seem like much but
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it could add to up an extra $150 each semester. we spoke with some students at laney college in oakland and they are not pleased. >> it's not really cutting from other places so i think it's unfair. >> i'm blindsided. $10 per unit? that's crazy. >> in addition, more than $1 billion will be cut from the state's two public university systems. it is 4:46. final numbers are out for teachers who may lose their jobs in san mateo county. about 330 employees received notices warning them about their job status next year. we are told many of them are temporary teachers. the cuts will depend on whether there is a special election and if voters approve a tax extension. and today we'll get a better snapshot of california's jobless rate. the labor force and industry will release unemployment numbers for the month of february. the state's jobless rate currently stands at 12.4%. that's a bit higher than the
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national average. quite a bit higher actually at 8.9%. the u.s. postal service is now offering cash incentives to convince some of its workers to quit. it wants to eliminate 7500 administrative jobs by offering $20,000 buy-outs to veteran workers. it also announced plans to shut 7 district offices. the cash-strapped postal service says it will close up 2,000 post offices over the next year. it's already asked congress if it can scale back to a five-day delivery schedule by cutting out saturday service. well, omg! you're going to "heart" this next story. the oxford english dictionary added a few new words and symbols. omg, oh, my god, lol for laugh out loud, tmi for too much information and you know bff for best friends forever. other new additions, muffin top. yeah, muffin top makes it. now what a muffin top is, don't you? when you wear your pants too tight and that little roll --
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and readers looking up the word heart will also find it listed as a symbol meaning to love. >> that's just mtc. >> mtc? >> much too cool. >> oh. >> i'm sorry. >> i'm out it, i guess. >> it's only 4:48 folks. the mega millions prize is through the roof tonight. how much the winner could take home. why not us, right? >> yup. plus, she is paralyzed and can't even speak but a mother is fighting for the right to see her triplets. the controversial custody battle heating up in california. >> and it's enough to make a germoephobe a little squeamish. the surprising plays where you can get sick and tips to protect yourself when we come back. ,,,,,,,,,,
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[ wheezing breaths ] [ woman ] the first time i smoked, i was 13. i was in a hurry to grow up and wanted to look cool. big tobacco knew it, and they preyed on me. i'm here to tell you that big tobacco hasn't changed. they continue to profit... by selling kids the same lies... to get them to use... the same deadly products. don't be big tobacco's next victim. rockslide along highway one in big sur s are near the welcome back. time now 4:50. wet weather caused a new rockslide along highway 1 in the big sur area. pile of rocks are near the line kiln creek bridge about 40
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miles from another mud slide last week and now all the residents in between are trapped. at the site of the new slide, caltrans had to suspend its clean-up because large boulders kept falling on the road. they plan to resume work later today. and we have been getting video of the storm from viewers. take a look at this clip. it was sent to us from julie pike in pacifica. she captured this landslide in progress. and lawrence, hate to see this. really bad, because we have more rain in the forecast. >> we do, sydnie. the good news is, that storm that moved through yesterday, that was a solid line of rain and it was just dumping for hours as you know, folks. today it is going to be more scattered around the bay area. but some of these cells moving through, boy, it can come down in a hurry. we have one cell that's now making its way into parts of the east bay. that's bringing with it a line of some more heavy storms moving on through and you can see some very heavy rainfall into the east bay hills. we are going to see more on and off throughout the day today as we have more scattered showers
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around the bay area. and you will get some heavy downpours to go along with that. keep that in mind heading out today. you are going to see a couple of sunny breaks toward the afternoon but showers to start out your day and a high surf warning. looking at some waves 15 to 21 feet. churned up by the big storm system off the coastline. all right. in the afternoon, though, we are going to try sneak in a little bit of sunshine in between the clouds, breezy and more showers out there. temperatures may sneak into the low 60s in parts of the bay area but that was some kind of storm moving through yesterday. it's gone on by now heading up the sierra nevada where they are getting a lot of snow up there. with storm warnings on the back side continuing, we have a lot of clouds. more showers in the forecast for today and then we may catch a brief break but not going to be much and guess what, here comes another one diving in. this one coming in late tonight and early tomorrow morning. now, it doesn't look like it's going to be heavy but it doesn't have to be. we already have the ground saturated so we could see more problems with mud slides and minor flooding. through the day today, you will
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notice some scattered showers continuing on and off throughout the day. you will see those sunny breaks in between. nice line moves in apparently late in the afternoon. and then look what comes in. that storm system we are looking off the coastline by midnight we are starting to see that moving onshore so tomorrow morning we're waking up to more rainfall. temperatures in 50s and low 60s in towards san jose los gatos. east bay temperatures in the 50s and 60s. north bay temperatures holding mainly into the 50s. looking out over the next few days, there is a ray of sunshine and a ray of hope on the horizon here as we watch things settle down. leftover showers on sunday. monday and tuesday, high pressure builds in. 70s next week. gianna has traffic. >> can't wait. all right. let's head to mass transit. no ace train service today due to weather conditions. yesterday they had some trouble in the niles canyon area due to rocks and mud slides on the tracks. ace is cancelled today. no word if they will set up bus
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bridges like yesterday. we'll keep you posted if they do. bart, muni caltrain problem- free no delays there. a couple of wind advisories across the bay area mostly on east-west bridges. richmond/san rafael bridge is affected. you can see on our map here, we are seeing some slight delays near the 580/101 interchange here as you work your way into marin county but overall everything is moving okay. also a wind advisory in effect for the bay bridge. this is the upper deck of the bay bridge toll plaza so caution across the span. if you are headed towards the toll plaza, slick surfaces of course this morning for the rain we are dealing with but overall traffic still friday light there. 18 minutes off the eastshore freeway to the carquinez bridge. wind advisories for the benicia bridge. an accident off the skyway into san francisco. around fremont couple of cars involved right lane blocked so give yourself some extra time there. also another accident reported northbound 880 at albamarl parkway off to the right
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shoulder. 880 itself not too bad. santa cruz this morning there is a mud slide southbound 17 at nasa tempo. pasatiempo. 101 problem-free. live look at 280 where traffic is -- there it goes. fairly light. it is friday light through there but again slick surfaces, as well. if you plan to make your way through the snow might be tough. reports of closures along 80. colfax to the nevada state line is shut down. also going to need train restrictions for 50 due to white-out conditions so plan ahead for that. when you hop in your car, remember kcbs, our radio partners, at 740-am and 106.9- fm. back to you. >> thank you. 4:55 your time. a decision expected today in a groundbreaking child custody battle. mother abbey dorn is paralyzed
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and can't speak. she lives with her parents in south carolina. the parents are suing to have the triplets visit three times a year with the southern california where they live with the fare dan -- >> it's critical for the children not for abbey, but for the children to have a relationship with their mother irrespective of her medical condition. >> dan believes that the children should deal with the reality of their mother's situation. >> the father's lawyer argues that any visits with the mother should be under the father's supervision and on his terms. tonight, broadway will honor elizabeth taylor by dimming the lights. ofshe was buried yesterday in a private ceremony. five limousines took her family to the cemetery. four dozen people gathered to remember her. services lasted about an hour. taylor's funeral started later than scheduled time of 2 p.m. at her request, by the way.
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also at her request, an announcement she even wanted to be late to her own funeral. taylor died wednesday of congestive heart failure. she was 79. don't touch that. the aarp has put out a warning for the germiest places in public. and here are a few you, excuse me, may want to be aware of. first on the list, restaurant menus, after all... no one ever washes those. you just kind of throw them back. next, lemon wedges on the edge of your glass. study finds nearly 70% contain disease-causing microbes. >> and what about those condiment dispensers? so what can you do? wash your hands often they say. >> or eat at home. >> so what, you're getting a hot dog or hamburger -- >> you notice the guy doing your cash and making your hot dogs? sometimes they put on the gloves -- it's all -- sometimes what you don't know is good. hey, what would you do with
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$312 million? >> buy some hand sanitizer maybe? someone could strike it very, very rich tonight. the mega millions jackpot now up to $312 million. since nobody took home the big prize on tuesday night, that's pretty close to the all-time record of $390 million setback in 2007. >> can you imagine? >> i do. >> i have my ticket. >> i think we all do. >> the odds of winning are something like one in 176 million, i believe. and if you do get lucky you can take home $198 million in cash all at once after taxes. or yearly payments totaling $312 million. good luck. >> it is 4:58. the wild chase in berkeley overnight. how it all ended, coming up. >> and the clean-up begins after a wall of water and mud sweeps through a santa cruz county town. the damage to dozens of businesses coming up. major developments in libya. the new signs that moammar qaddafi could be ready to negotiate a cease-fire. we'll tell you how the u.s. is changing its role.
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